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AR400 4-line Voice Logger

¡@ AR400 is a 4 line voice logger for analog line. It is specially designed for trading firm, stock agent, customer service centre, etc. Different from other AR series, AR400 supports SD card as storage media instead of HDD. All the functions can be operated directly by AR400 touch pad. Just click the screen, AR400 will guide you to the configuration, records searching, live monitoring and playback of the phone conversation. AR400 can also be controlled through LAN and internet, it accomplishes all the functions of AR family as well. Easy to install, no PC required, database system secured. AR400 is another solution for enterprises that require professional and yet affordable and compact recording equipment.
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Key Features
  • Touch pad operation
  • Built-in SD card for large storage capacity, high speed for data transmission, easy to expand and extremely portable
  • Database management, recording files can be searched or read conveniently
  • Works with normal analog phone, mobile phone and conference recording Recording includes complete voice recording, start time and date, call in/out numbers
  • Search by telephone number, length, in/outbound, time, date
  • Compatible with PC for exporting recording files
  • Incoming caller ICON popup, support Outlook contact importation
  • Multi-authorization for user management, answering machine function, remote voicemail retrieval


Trading Firms / Financial Institutes
The most common arguments and complaints between trading firms and financial institutes is the misunderstanding during calls which often create company¡¦s trouble and lost of profit. To avoid these troubles, a telephony recording system is needed to resolve problems. Use AR series recording system to record all of your calls can resolve any argument or complaint by retrieving past recorded data. Then use this proof to analyze the responsible rights.

Police Station
Records all incoming calls for further reference including calling date and time, caller id and conversation records. Combine with AM1000 Meeting Microphone, the interview sessions can also be recorded and be transferred to a PC.

TV Shopping Channel
TV shopping channel provides a gateway to associate with high volumes of call-in customers. In deed, it is a very successful method to make big sales without a doubt. Use AR series recording system to record your high volume calls can improve: a.) order validation and b.) order reference for further purposes.

Customer Service and Call Center
Use AR series recording system can raise your company service levels, improve customer satisfactions, and create better customer relationships for buildup a better profit and customer returning rates.
A better recording system can create more interactions between operator and customers. To secure customer¡¦s right and provide a better quality of service is what AR series recording system can offer you.

Oversea Company
For oversea companies often experience the difficulties of operating in both sides. Using AR series recording system¡¦s remote monitoring feature can reduce boss¡¦s work. Instantly connect with oversea company¡¦s employer call records provide boss a perfect administrative monitoring to his employer¡¦s activities. Bad activities such as chatting calls during work time, not doing business seriously on phone, and bad attitudes from customer service ladies, etc. can be at boss¡¦ control at anywhere via Internet.

Purchase Department
Department of purchase is today¡¦s companies #2 profit-making resource. To reduce arguments between purchaser and customers, use AR series recording system to record purchasing calls can better ensure the accuracy of the final deals and its process as well as for further training purposes.

Law Firm
Records conversations from law inquires on the phone or personal inquires at the office. With AR series recording system, to email a copy of your previously conversations to your client is just few clicks away. All recorded data can also be educational training purpose.

Product Specification
Model No AR400
Dimension 210mm(H)x 120mm(W)x70mm(D)
Weight 1200g
Power Supply Input:AC100-240V, 50-60Hz Output: DC18V 300MA adaptor
Power Consumption 5W
Channel 4 channel (CO line, microphone, Audio In
Storage SD card, 80Hr/GB
Voice Compression 4 KB/s
Caller ID DTMF / Bellcore FSK / ETSI FSK
Recording Trigger On/Off hook, line polarity reversal
Voice Replay built-in speaker, on PC (via LAN or internet)

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