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Fonkorder USB Phone Recording Adaptor

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Whether at home or office, phone remains the most convenient mode of communication. It is also becoming more and more important to keep a record of our calls, whether to confirm a deal, to review our phone handling skills, to replay conversation to go through details discussed or even to collect evidence for nuisance calls, a phone recording tool is a very useful tool. However, what is currently available on the market for single-line application requires expensive voice card on PC.

Fonkorder is a single-line phone recording adaptor (Model: AD120). It is affordable, user-friendly and powered by USB. Its storage is dependant on PCˇs hard-disk: a 1GB HD can store up to 70 hours of conversation, while a 200GB HD can store up to 14,000 hours, and so on. It is able to capture date, time, duration of call, caller ID of both incoming and outgoing numbers and actual conversation in .wav file. The call recorded in .wav file can be easily retrieved for email or back-up for record keeping.


Many people misunderstand that a telephony recording system is a telephone tapping machine and put negative images on it. In fact, telephone recording is a method for improving service quality and for training purpose. By this mechanism of training, you may increase the conversation techniques between your customer representatives and customers. Therefore, it is a great tool for wining more of your customer satisfactions.

  • Insurance offices and agents
  • Real Estate agents
  • Remisiers/ Stock brokers
  • Customer Service Centres
  • SOHO, home offices
  • For SME/ SMI
  • Sales departments
  • Purchasing departments
  • Home phone monitoring
Key Features
  • Display Incoming & Outgoing calls
  • Call details: date, time, duration, number, etc
  • Conversation records are saved in .wav file
  • Search & query records easily
  • Real-time call monitoring (Live tapping)
  • Create contacts for address list management
  • Phone & line status display

System Requirement
  • Pentium 400 MHz CPU or above
  • Windows 98se/XP/2000/NT
  • 10MB HD space or above
  • 128 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM
  • Standard USB port
  • Standard RJ11 port
Model No AD120
Dimension 138mm(L) x 106mm(W) x 26mm(H)
USB Support USB2.0 Full speed; USB audio device class specification 1.0
USB Cable 1.5m
Net Weight 223g
Caller ID DTMF/ Bellcore/ ETSI FSK
Recording Trigger Condition On Hook / Off Hook / by timer
Voice Playback Play back on Windows or Fonkorder
Power By USB
Power Consumption 5W
Package Contents
  • Fonkorder main unit
  • CD (driver, user manual)
  • USB cable
  • RJ11 cord
  • Main unit stand


Q1. How much conversation can Fonkorder record?

A1. The amount of recording depends on the capacity of your harddisk space in your PC/laptop. The calculation is illustrated as below:

HDD Capacity
Recording Time (in hours)
1 GB
10 GB
40 GB
100 GB

Q2: What is the difference between Fonkorder and other recording devices?

A2. Recording and storage based on PC via USB, Fonkorder is simple, powerful, secured, and affordable. It is also expandable up to 4 devices under one PC control. It provides a perfect solution to SOHO and small private enterprise or organizations which need such equipments.

Q3: How many analogue lines can Fonkorder support?

A3: 1 unit of Fonkorder can connect to 1 analogue line. Its expandable feature allows you to have up to 4 units of Fonkorder to be connected simultaneously to your PC, monitored by 1 software.

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